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Children's Classes

Children are the most precious resource a community has. Much like a young tree, children will grow and develop in whatever way they are trained and according to the influences they experience. Bahá'í children's classes are intended to nurture spiritually vibrant and healthy young people who will grow up without prejudice and with a positive, powerful sense that they are important to God and have a role to play in serving humanity.

The Teachings of Bahá'u'lláh form the basis of these classes and introduce the Bahá'í Teachings and those of other Messenger's of God to foster a fully united, just and peaceful world.

The Writings of the Bahá'í Faith affirm that spiritual education is at the heart of an educational process that leads to the elevation and transformation of the human spirit. It is through the conscious effort of loving families, combined with a systematic offering of classes based upon the guidance that has been given to humanity by a loving God, that the spiritual development of children can be nurtured and developed. Hundreds of communities offer children's Bahá'í classes in the United States, and many local classes are offered weekly throughout the school year. Children's classes are also offered at national and regional schools across the country.

International Baha'i Website - Children's Classes


This Brilliant Star Magazine is designed for children ages six through twelve, is an excellent teacher’s resource and is a publication of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States.

The mission of The Virtues Project is to provide empowering strategies that inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life through programs of excellence and simplicity which support people of all ages to cultivate their virtues -- the gifts of character.

Baha'i Education Resources by Linden Qualls - Wonderful resources including the New World Order Games Manual with 150+ games for children, and a Creative Dramatics Manual. Many other thoughtful articles on teaching children spiritual virtues. Freely distributed, see Linden's terms of use.