Tacoma/Pierce County Baha'i Cluster WA19

Tutor Resources

Study Circles are lead by one or more tutors whose purpose is to facilitate the focus and pace of the course.

Ruhi Resources - This website provides resources for Study Circle facilitators using Ruhi training materials.

Northwest Regional Baha'i Training Institute

Development Learning Press - Publisher of institute books for Junior Youth, including Drawing on the Power of the Word (age 14) by the Ruhi Institute, Walking the Straight Path (ages 13-14) by the Badi Foundation and Breezes of Confirmation (ages 11-12) by the William Mmutle Masetlha Foundation.

The Wilmette Institute - An educational agency of the U.S. National Assembly, offers courses and classes on the Bahá'í Faith and related subjects to anyone interested in taking them. Its purpose is to develop human resources for the benefit of the Bahá'í Faith.

Website for making crossword puzzles, word searches, etc.